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Discover the 2 essential rules and the 3 mistakes you will never want to make to attract efficiently all you need in life. A very powerful technique based on new scientific discoveries about the way to communicate with the universal field or matrix that we are all part of (see also Unity Consciousness).

There are different ways to pray, or to ask for something we want. Either if you are religious or not, we all have dreamed anytime with something or wanted something to happen in our lives. Have you ever thought about the way you communicate inside yourself when you want something in your life? This is very important because the way you do it will determine the success when attracting your desires.

Rule 1 – The present; we have all heard that it is better neither to center in the past nor in the future, just live in the present. Have you ever wonder why? ? It has a scientific explanation. There are experiments proving that “time” is a human perception, used by our brain to process in a progressive way all our experiences. Are you aware of how you perceive time? Have you ever perceived time differently in different moments of your life? For example, for a child 1 year results eternal, but for adults usually time passes faster. It normally also happens that we perceive time in a different way depending on our satisfaction with the situation we are living. This is because time is not real, it is a human perception.

I know that this concept could be difficult to understand. Do not worry! The point here is to know that the only time that really matters is the present time, the now. Therefore, all you pursue in your live, already exists. The best version of yourself, your best health version, the best partner for you and the best job or profession you could have. The best option for you already exists. Now is when you ask, ok, and then, if it already exists, why I cannot see it? And the answer is: Because it is waiting for you to truly believe on it and to choose it. And? How could you choose it? Please continue reading to know the answer!

Rule 2 – The language of emotions; Scientific researches conclude that the way to communicate in a language that the Universe can understand is being already who you want to be and therefore feeling NOW how you would feel if you would have all you want in life. This way you send the message to the Universe that this is what you wish so deeply. Emotions connected with your thoughts are energy at a certain frequency that attracts more of the same frequency, more of the same experiences bringing that same emotion. Therefore, it is as much important to feel grateful and blessed about all you already have and want to keep in your life as about the things that are “just about to happen”.

Mistakes you will never want to make:

Mistake 1: Fixing to a single result; Sometimes we wish something that is not really what we need, or the best option for us (please see also Who are you? What is your essence?). It is more recommended to trust in the uncertainty of life and don’t expect a single or very specific experience to happen. This is because the Universe you are part of is infinite. If you feel a part of it, the options are infinite. Most probably you haven’t even considered the best option for you between the one or two options you are considering. Therefore, just trusting in something gorgeous, focusing on the emotions you want to feel will most probably allow what you need, starting inside you.

Mistake 2: To feel that you don’t have what you want; if you ask for something that you don’t have, feeling that you don’t have it, instead of feeling already grateful about it, you are sending a message of the lack of this thing and positioning yourself in a place where you don’t have it and will never have it. If we complain about something, we are asking more of the same. Therefore, pay attention of your inner dialog and communication way to ensure you attract what you need.

Mistake 3; To feel that you are in process to obtain what you want; like asking that we want to heal. The verb “to heal” means that there is something still sick that is still healing. Using this kind of language could lead to an eternal process of healing. With ups and downs to keep us in that healing status. The solution is feeling and thinking as if we were healthy, this way we are communicating to the Universe what we need with the maximum efficiency. Thinking healthy means filling your days of thoughts and activities that bring energy to your life, doing and thinking those things that make you feel LOVE. I am not saying that this is an easy task. It will probably be the most difficult thing you will do in your whole life. But this is how it works.

EXAMPLE; Something that works very good for many people to process such a concept is to visualice it as if it was a picture. For this technique I have a very specific image in my head. There is a woman sitting in her coach, in her living room. She is crying. She feels depressed. She has a problem and doesn’t find a solution. She feels alone. Just above her, in the air, I see a virtual menu. This menu has all the options she could choose and get if she truly believed. I can see all the options, from the worst of them, the one that would make her feel even worst to the best of the possible options, the one that would make her be the happiest person ever. The best option for her is highlighted in green color! I can visualice it very clear, shining above her head. Then, something makes her react and look up to see that option, she sees the light! The light brings a wonderful emotion of love. In that moment she makes a decision, she decides that she wants to feel like that. She starts to believe in that option, focusing on the emotion of love. By believing on that option she immediately feels already good. And she keeps that feeling.

Please remember to listen to your body! Emotions are part of the communication.

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