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Do you get into the flow of your life? Or do you bump painfully into each experience? The change starts here and now!

Discover the 5 fundamental principles to be able to operate at your peak performance in life. Inspired in the book “Moeiteloos” that means “Effortless” by the Dutch author Gerard Meerstadt.

The 5 universal principles:

  1. The Principle of unlimited potential; You have an unlimited potential, to be more precise, let’s just say it is infinite. Believe it or not, this is true and you can develop it or not. The key to develop your unlimited potential is to feel that you are part of the creative energy that moves the universe. Instead of feeling as an isolated individual. To have a field reference instead of an object reference as your true identity.
  2. The principle of free distribution; Based on freely giving and receiving. When you give, the other receives and then the other continues with the chain activating the circulation of life force. Start wondering: What could I give and feel high energy level by doing it? And at the same time focus on freely receiving value everywhere. Remember that you could start with a simple smile.
  3. The principle of Effortless response; This is all about the cause-effect law. You have the power to decide how to respond to each stimulus, altering the chain of events in your life with your choices. The best response is always the one that benefits the highest amount of people. This will also benefit you. But the best decision for each situation is not always easy to know. You cannot control the future. This life is too complex for that. But you could freely flow if you focus on your emotions by making use of your powerful “Intuition”. When you are synchronized with all these principles, you have the ability of feeling the spontaneous right action in your body, as an inner feeling.
  4. The principle of detached intention; Your intention is the creative element that shapes your life into form, it gives direction to your potential and the path of least effort, the one that brings you more energy, makes you flow easily. Intention that you feel with emotions is called desire and that is the key of everything.If you follow that detached intention, incorporating both your connection to the whole and your individual existence aligned with it, you don’t need to know each experience in advance. You will be open and confortable with the uncertainty of life. The uncertainty is positive because includes the infinite number of options that you couldn’t consider because you don’t even know them.
  5. The principle of contribution; There is no one else exactly like you. By expressing your unique talents, making the most of yourself in the service of others, you spend time on the things that you do best and like doing most. Whatever you do in this manner will attract people to you and you will be very successful in it. Using your best skills and your love and sharing it with those around you. This is the purest way of experiencing a truly meaningful life.

Each of these delicate principles can only fully function in a person undisturbed by the powerful subconscious influence of emotional blocks, beliefs or conflicts. For example if you feel fear, loneliness, guilty or forced when giving and receiving. If you don’t see your potential and feel separated from your true purpose aligned with your talents and passions. If you feel uncomfortable with uncertainty of life. With the need of pursuing fixed results that you don’t even know if they will benefit you. Going through painful situations or applying high effort levels “not receiving energy in return” as normal practice. The level in which you succeed to overcome these, will determine the level to which the principles of life will actually work for you.

There are ways to release these conflicts and get into the flow of your life allowing you to operate at your peak performance. Please subscribe to start your self-inquiry or order now your first free online session. My intention is to help you!

Remember to listen to your body by paying attention to your emotions!

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