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Discover the biological function of the flue and the cold, why do we have flues and colds, why some people have them more often and how to recover faster or reduce them in the future.

Remember that every person has a unique story and therefore his own emotional blocks. This content could guide you to start your own self-inquiry and discover how to recognize your symptoms as part of your own energy in order to be more aware and have your emotions and symptoms more under control. Always in combination with your medical treatment if required.

A flue or a cold could appear due to different reasons. Under the same conditions, some people get sick and some others not. Have you ever thought about it?

Reasons why you could have a flue or a cold:

1 – Your beliefs; If you believe you could get a cold if you are close to a person who already has it or because of a temperature change. Remember that your beliefs create your reality and that your experiences will happen to confirm your beliefs. Your body is designed to protect you unless there is a reason or willingness to get a cold.

So now that the Autumn is here, please take care of your thoughts!!! 

2 – To avoid something when you are tired or because you are simply not interested about it; this could be a planned family visit, a business meeting or a busy week in the office. You think you have to do it but you don’t really want to from your heart. So your body has the perfect solution no to do it and the understanding of everybody.

The solution here is to establish your limits based on your true needs and align what you daily do with what you really want to do.

3- Something you have perceived through the sick sense; Remember that your system is always going to find the most possible coherence between your inner and external situation. If we consider the biological function of every organ that is affected by the flue, we can find the conflict that triggered the flue. Here are the examples:

NOSE; nose congestion could be alerting you about any experience that you didn’t like at all, or has smelled like bad to you, so your body creates the nose congestion as a solution to separate you from that experience.

THROAT; Throat pain could be alerting you about any experience that you din’t want to or din’t know how to swallow or accept.

COUGH; Coughing function is to express something that you thought but didn’t say during that experience or discussion. It could also mean that you said something and now you regreat. So by coughing you can release that lack or excess of communication.

EARS; Ear pain could be connected to something you heard that makes you feel pain.

FEVER; Fever could be a signal of a lack of heat or a lack of love during any experience. Something that you felt frozen about (shock). It could also mean a high level of anger.

The solution for this kind of conflicts is identify the experience that caused your flue or cold and be aware of your emotion about it. Once identified, accept this emotion and use it as information to change something of yourself that will avoid this kind of experience in the future.

We normally think that conflicts are something external to us. But you could also see the conflict as something that you created based on your own beliefs, excesses, emotional reactions and personality. You could be thankful to the experience as a tool of your own personal development, releasing your initial negative emotion. To know more see also unity consciousness and access your brain intelligence to release negative emotions.

When you learn to approach your emotions this way, you will avoid or reduce these kind of inner conflicts that could make you get sick.

Please don’t believe this content!! Just try to apply this knowledge for free and make your own conclusion. 

Remember to listen to you body!

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