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Hi everybody! My name is Xenia Martinez Broer and I do coaching for emotional intelligence to help people release their emotional conflicts and health issues to be able to operate at their peak performance in life.

Do you apply so much effort to any aspect of your life but the results are not what you really expect?

Do you have the perfect life everybody wish, but don’t find meaning in your life?

Would you like to feel that terrific energy of being in your shoes and feel that you are exactly where you want to be in the right moment?

Did you have any conflict in your childhood that you even think you already forgot, but there are some aspects in your present life that don’t work as you would like and don’t know why?

Do you have any symptom or disease and don’t know the root of it or how could you have your health issues more under control?

If your answer is YES to any of above questions, please continue reading!

I am going to tell you about my ex-lactose intolerance. I had this intolerance for almost all my life, during 38 years. I felt frustrated, with stomach pain, feeling swollen and with a high constant energy cost, avoiding dairy products and reading ingredients till the beginning of 2017 when I accomplished the healing of my intolerance by unblocking an emotional conflict allowing me to operate at my peak performance in life.

Everything is connected, our emotional conflicts sooner or later could lead to symptoms or diseases. They are a signal that something there inside us could improve if we change something.

My life was going in circles around my intolerance in the same way that it was going around the unblocked conflict. Like a cycle.

An intolerance, like any other symptom or disease, is a signal of conflict in your subconscious. A heavy load is stoping you to make progress in some aspect of your life and your experiences are going to repeat and repeat until you understand your story, learn the lesson, release the emotional conflicts or change something from the inside. Only that way you will make progress in that aspect of your life and will transcend to new experiences aligned with your true needs.

I have created this blog to share inspirational content with you to help you start your self-inquiry process and be the best version of yourself. Every single content will be based on my personal story, the conflicts I have already overcome and also those of the people I accompany.

If you are reading this text, it is not a casualty, everything is a causality because you are resonating with this somehow. So please subscribe to this blog and be alert to the signals of your body and your life!

Also, if you have any conflict or symptom that could be limiting your life please leave a comment in this post or send me an e-mail to info@xeniamartinez.com, I will love to know about your story!

Remember to listen to your body!!!!

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