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In this post I am going to share with you a technique that has changed my life and it is definitely going to change yours. This is about the 4 simple and basic steps to achieve heart-brain coherence and release negative emotions. This technique was developed by the metaphysical Gregg Braden to heal your body thanks to the new discoveries on human inner technology.

We have all heard anytime that “we have to be positive if we want to be happy”, this is ok but I would like to add some remarks; trying to be positive, rejecting a negative emotion, could be harmful if you don’t know how to do it. In this post, I give you the key in 4 steps to become emotionally adult.

We all have sometimes negative emotions and it is good to identify them. The 4 basic negative emotions are: anger, fear, sadness and disgust. If you feel one of these emotions about any experience, it is normal, it is a human subconscious reaction that you cannot even avoid. Plus, there is no wrong emotion because all of them are biologically necessary to adapt and react to the environment. For example, fear makes our blood to be pumped faster to our legs allowing us to faster scape from a danger. Emotions are chemical reactions in our body that produce changes in our cells. Therefore, if you magnify the negative emotion much longer that required for its biological sense of survival, in most cases, it will affect to your health.

After 5 minutes from he initial emotional reaction, you can normally recognize what is happening and make a reasonable decision, which will decide your long term feeling.

These are the 4 steps to achieve heart-brain coherence to heal your body:

  1. Recognize and identify the negative emotion that produces our HEART about the experience that is in our BRAIN. If possible, say it out loud. For example: “I feel anger because of my unfair working conditions”
  2. Accept the emotion; please never reject a negative emotion and never feel guilty for it. The guilt or rejection of an emotion is toxic. If possible, say it out loud. For example: “I accept the anger I feel because of my unfair working conditions”
  3. Ask yourself why do you feel that emotion. Every emotion brings you information about something you could work on yourself in order to feel better. So you could use this emotion to take action if it happens again or to avoid it to happen again. If possible, say it out loud. Maybe this is in your subconscious so don’t worry if you don’t find an answer. If possible, say it out loud. For example: “I feel anger because I accepted these unfair conditions and because of my lack of appreciation or lack of action to find alternatives”. This now depends on me and I can change it if I work on it, at least I can focus on this goal instead of focusing on the negative emotion.
  4. Brain-heart coherence. Even if you din’t find an answer in last step, bless the experience that is in your brain many times, do it out loud and feel the positive feeling and the inner natural peace that brings your heart by doing it. Remember that everything happens for something, to have the chance to transcend something, to change our approach of the experience, to forgive something, to learn something, to repair something, to make you stronger, to make you alert of something. Maybe you don’t know why is it happening, and by blessing the experience out loud, we release the negative emotion and depending on the level of initial negativity, you will feel a huge energy level coming and mostly this willingness will allow you to understand the message of the emotion so that you can release it. This is scientifically proven, it is the human inner technology on how to use our brain intelligence.

All I share with you is with a good intention, but please don’t believe me, just take a moment to check it by yourself. Identify a conflict that makes you feel a negative emotion and apply this technique. Then, please comment this post and share your experience. What changes did you feel? I will love to know your story.

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This is all for now, I wish you all the best in your way as an emotional adult. Hopefully see you in the next post!

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