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This post is about the biological conflict of stress and how to relax wherever you are with an easy and basic technique of 3 steps to decrease your stress level in 5 minutes. So, if you are suffering from stress, please don’t miss this post!

Stress is one of the most commons symptoms of people working in offices. It can also appear of course due to other factors like constant rush, high responsibility level, children, health problems or another personal issue. Solving this conflict is very important for your health because stress is the main emotional reason for many kind of diseases, long term speaking.

Stress is caused by an excess level of the stress hormones; cortisol and adrenaline. In the human evolution history, the biological sense of these hormones has always been to decrease the time of response when facing a danger, mainly a life threatening danger. Therefore, cortisol has always been important for human survival.

Nowadays this is exactly the same, stress in offices is mainly due to deadlines requiring a high effort level, becoming unhealthy. When we accept it, it is just fear. Fear of not accomplishing my company or my own goals to achieve acceptation, obtain high incomes or keep my job position and that way be able to survive.

If we have a health problem or another personal issue, stress comes when we feel fear of death, our own death or our family death.

We realice about the stress level we are living but we normally keep doing the same because it is how we have learned to survive. A long term solution could be to change the survival model that we or our society has “invented”. You could start thinking about how you would like the world or “your own world” to be, based on something that create wellness. In the meanwhile, the next time you feel stressed, please apply the following technique.

It is a 3 steps technique to be done in 5 minutes that you can do at home or in the office, wherever you are. To increase the neurotransmitters connected with relax and wellness; dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the happiness or love hormone. We produce oxytocin when we deliver a baby or when we experience an orgasm.

You could apply this technique to control the stress when it appears, or when feeling a negative emotion like fear, anger or another (see also my posts to release negative emotions and unity consciousness). And you could also introduce it in your daily routine to heal your body.

Step 1 – Close your eyes. If you are at home, it will be easy. If you are in the office, you could go to the toilet to close your eyes. Don’t worry if you are in a public place and are not able to scape! Just fix your eye in one point, this will make concentration and relaxation easier.

Step 2 – Conscious breathing (6 seconds inhale, 6 seconds exhale) during 5 minutes; you can train this step, so don’t worry if you fail or get dizzy, in this case please breath at a normal pace again and repeat later. When you breath at this speed, you achieve the heart coherence. This means that your heart pumps slower at the rate that your subconscious connects with a “safe mode” because all the experiences you lived before involving wellness and relaxation were at that same heart rate. This step decreases cortisol level and increases oxytocin, deactivating the survival alarm and therefore, the stress.

Step 3 – Guide your mind; During step 2, think about something that makes you feel gratitude, love, care and compassion. Feel safe! Start thinking something nice that make you feel blessed but remember that it is important to thank also your problems. Problems, once solved, allow you to make progress in your life. By blessing problems, you will be in the willingness to understand the meaning and the message hidden in that problem or emotion and allow a solution.

If you suffer from stress, I invite you to apply this technique and comment your experience, I would love to know your story!

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