The purpose of a symptom - Listen to your body

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In this post I give you the key to discover how to listen to your body, which will make you understand how it works. I speak about something that has always been there but we don’t know exactly in what way. It is something I am passionate about because it has changed my life, the purpose of every symptom.

Our approach of the symptom, in the occidental society, is that is something external that we have to fight against. This concept is not completely wrong but if we listen to our bodies it is not necessary to reach this point. For example, when we have headache or a flue, we take pills to eliminate the symptoms. We don’t normally wonder why is this happening and we don’t change anything in our routine. A headache or a flue is your body asking for a rest or telling you that there is an incongruence between someting that you feeland think. We could save a lot of time and resources if we would consider the healing tools that we already have inside. For this process, it is of high importance to identify and solve the emotional blockage that our symptom is trying to alert us from.

I am going to give you an example; imagine one of your colleagues in the office, his boss is really overloading him. This person works overtime to meet the schedule, not allowing him to enjoy his daughter every afternoon. He feels a very heavy weight in his shoulders. He feels bad, he thinks that this is not fair because the rest of colleagues can always leave on time. However he does or says nothing. One day, he start feeling a pain in the shoulder, that after some time is not responding to any treatment. For him, this pain is his body telling him that he has a heavy weight in the shoulders. What he lives inside, is also happening outside. When he starts listening his body and identifying the emotional reason, being aware of it and changing the approach and the emotional and behavioural reaction, the pain will disappear or will start to respond to the medical treatments.

The purpose of a symptom is to solve a biological conflict. This is a dissatisfaction of a human biological necessity, like feeding, resting, reproduction, relations, recognition or loss of territory. It is normally due to a limiting approach of any aspect of our life. An approach based on fear, sadness or anger. It produces a high stress level and an incongruence between our thoughts, words and actions. It separates us from ourselves, from our essence.

A symptom is our own energy, it is the way our body expresses the blocked energy that is not expressed in the most desirable way for our survival. When a symptom appears, the best thing you can do is relax and learn how to listen to it. What is it trying to say?

I would like to share something that changed my life,  my ex-lactose intolerance. I suffered from this intolerance for 38 years. I had continuously stomach pains and irritable intestine. In my house, in the school and also in the office. The most common emotional conflict of lactose intolerance is a conflict with your mother. Yes, it is this way because when we born, we receive milk (breastfeeding or bottle feeding) from our mother, so from that moment on, for our subconscious, mother and milk are the same (symbolic meaning). By unblocking this emotional conflict I can now have cheese, milk and all kind of dairy products!

So please remember to listen to your body! You will drastically improve your life.

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