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The unity consciousness explains everything that happens to us. It’s something that we all have and if we are able to develop it, we will have more control over our emotions. And, as many of us already know, emotions are chemical substances in our body that affect at a cellular level and could create disease or health, long term speaking.

I am currently studying a method called Bioneuroemoción. The main goal of this method is to create wellness by changing your emotions about your conflicts. This change of emotions can be achieved thanks to a change of approach based on the unity consciousness.

There are scientific experiments in quantum physics that proof the existence of a universal matrix or energy field that connects all that exists in this universe. There is no separation between anything and everybody. However, as human being, you perceive a separation between you and the rest of people and things. That is a human perception, not real. The reality is that there is not “you and the other” because you are connected, “you are the same”. We are all part of the whole universe. Now is when you ask me, ok, and what does it mean for me?

When “the other” does or says something that makes you feel bad, or when you feel a victim about something apparently “external”, it is not really external, it is something that you are projecting from your subconscious. “The other” is seen by you depending on your way of watching your world, the other is there to confirm your subconscious believes about yourself and your life. So when you feel bad about something, take a moment to ask yourself, what am I projecting here? Because what you don’t like about the other is just that thing that you deny or ignore about yourself. It could be by repetition of the same behaviour in another aspect of your life, or by opposition or reparation with any kind of excess. What your negative emotion is telling you, is that if you change something of what you think, say or do, balancing your approach to a medium point would make you feel better.

The understanding of this approach is what we call “the awakening“. When you don’t understand this, and you feel bad about something, you have a symptom like fear, sadness or boredom. The resistance of this symptom produces your projection, which is the maximum expression of the duality, the opposite of the unity consciousness. Therefore, a symptom is a painful reminder that you are ignoring something from yourself. Symptoms are development possibilities!

The good point here is that by just developing the unity consciousness, changes will appear! Imagine that your husband tells you that you are not able to do something, and that makes you feel very bad. Yeah, maybe you are feeling all day with a lack of confidence about that and with an internal dialog of low self-esteem. This doesn’t make you feel so bad, eh? But when somebody comes to remind you your own beliefs, you take it personal and feel the anger! When you understand that you could work on your own self confidence, when your husband tells you that you are not able, your approach is different, you now know that his words are your own projection and you are already working on it. After a time, with no negative emotions about this experience, this is not bothering you but also you are not projecting this anymore!

The tricks to develop the unity consciousness are:

  • Avoid judging any experience, just live it from the presence, in peace.
  • Don’t try to be right or to have friends and enemies, opposites are necessary. If there is a person extremely tidy, there must be an untidy person, this is the way that energy is in equilibrium. It is a physical law.
  • Work on your perception, you are the observer of your life and the way you observe, is the way you create your reality.
    • You are always projecting
    • You are always resonating (resonance law)
    • What you like the most and what you like the least is your subconscious mind.
    • Whatever you think about somebody it is a subconscious resonance.
  • Avoid trying to make a symptom disappear, accept it as part of you instead.
  • Take the information that a negative emotion, about some apparently external experience, says about you, work on it.
  • When you change your approach, it is possible that the experience continues happening but it doesn’t matter because you don’t feel bad about it anymore. Therefore, don’t expect others to change for you, change your way of seeing the experience to change your emotions. The others will work on the things that they don’t like about you. This is the only way that everybody can be aligned with their own values.

If you express the unity consciousness:

  • You don’t try to justify
  • You don’t speak about the other
  • You know that the other is your mirror (by repetition or opposition)
  • You know that what you don’t like about the other is something that you could work on yourself, take that advantage!

Remember, all I tell you in this post, please don’t just believe it but take a time to check it by your own. Take an experience that you don’t like from a colleague, your partner or a friend and try to analice it from the unity consciousness approach. Once you have proven yourself that your emotions changed from negative to neutral after happening several times, please leave me a comment below to let me know the changes in how you feel and the changes in “the other”, I will love to know your story.

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