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Discover the key to identify who you are, how to connect with your essence and who you were born to be. The most trendy question for personal development lovers. The difference between to BE and to DO to feel wellness.

This is very important for your health, because the more you separate from who you really ARE and your essence, the bigger the incongruence between your feelings and your thoughts. And this misalignment could lead to certain symptoms as an alert or signal.

This is also important for your self-esteem, because our opinion about ourselves is mostly affected by what we do every day. And if what you do is not aligned with what you are or with your values, your self-esteem is most probably underground. Imagine Michael Jackson if he, instead of discovering his unique gift, would have dedicated his entire life to be, let’s say… a project planner. All that energy would have explotted somehow! Most of us spend our life comparing ourself with our colleagues or friends to fix somewhere, instead of loving who we are and be what we already are with no effort or getting all that energy back.

The difference between to BE and to DO;

BE – FEEL – LOVE – WISH; You are BEING when the objective of what you are thinking, saying or doing is the energy and emotions you feel while doing it. It is aligned with what you FEEL. You shine! It comes out of you by nature. Whatever the energy you spend on doing it, you get it back by simply doing it! Your choice is based on LOVE, no matter what other think about it, about you. You do it because you really WISH to do it.

DO – THINK -FEAR – MUST; You are DOING when the objective of what you are thinking, saying or doing is to obtain a result with no emotions or joy while doing it. It is normally aligned with what you THINK. Your choice is based on FEAR of what could happen if you don’t do it. And you do it because you think you MUST do it.

How to identify what makes you to BE;

Close your eyes and feel the answer to the following questions. If you don’t find a clear answer, it could be helpfull to ask yourself the same but focusing on your childhood, before the moment you disconnected from yourself.

  • What are your interests? What are mostly your searches in google? What books do you enjoy the most? What is your hobby? How could you spend hours and hours not being aware about time while feeling alive?
  • What makes you different from others?
  • If you would have all the money you need, what would you do? Or what would you do if you don’t even get paid?
  • What is the attribute of your personality that helped you overcome the most difficult problem of your life? That experience has changed your life for the good if you see it as a lesson.
  • Who are your idols? Who do you admire? The people that you admire have abilities or attributes that you also have, but didn’t probably developed yet.

If you still have any doubt about who you are, don’t worry, if you are looking for answers and willing to find them, this is the first main step that makes you to be closer to the answer. So ask yourself all these questions every day and be alert to the signals!

I also invite you to think if everything you do, say or think, you choose it based on LOVE or based on FEAR.

Remember to listen to your body! Emotions are part of the communication.

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